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Natural-Looking Partial and Full Dentures

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Partial Dentures For Effective Results

Need partial dentures? Campbelltown patients best suited for these dentures are those with a small gap in their smile due to the loss of one or two teeth. Small metal clasps secure them to natural teeth.

Safe & Durable Plastic Dentures

These are the cheapest of our dentures for Campbelltown patients not wishing to be without teeth, following their tooth extraction. They’re a great temporary solution while the gums heal.

Full Dentures

Need full dentures in Campbelltown? Our full or complete dentures are custom designed to restore aesthetics and full functionality to those missing all of their teeth in one or both arches.

Flexi Dentures

These close-fitting dentures provide a metal-free alternative to partial dentures. A stretchy gum base extends to form clasps, securing them to natural teeth for enhanced stability.

Metal Dentures That Look Great

Looking for strong dentures? Campbelltown patients can rely on metal dentures for strength and benefit from them being smaller and thinner than their plastic counterparts. Metal dentures are more hygienic and tolerable as they cover less of the mouth.

Implant retained Overdenture

Our Campbelltown dentist surgically inserts 4 to 6 dental implants to support an overdenture and keep it from moving around when speaking, eating, and laughing. Patients can easily remove their overdenture for daily cleaning.

Dentures in Campbelltown
Available Dental Care Dentures in Campbelltown

What Makes Good Full or Partial Dentures?

Dentures in our Campbelltown clinic are carefully customised to provide support, stability, and retention. Furthermore, our dentists take great care when selecting the colour and shape of the false teeth and gums to complement the individual’s face shape and complexion.

Available Dental Care Dentures in Campbelltown Resident

Benefit From Our Dental Expertise

We offer patients a wide range of dentures in Campbelltown, NSW. Our dentists understand your needs, the condition of your teeth, budget, and usage and suggest the most suitable approach to replace missing teeth. Dentures not only fill the gaps but also prevent adjacent teeth from shifting. Whether looking to fill a single tooth gap or replace teeth for the whole jaw, we’ve got a denture solution that fits your needs.

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