Tooth Fillings in Campbelltown

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When you may need a tooth filling

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common reason for tooth fillings in Campbelltown. Only a dentist can tell if you have a cavity that needs drilling out and filling.

Fractured Tooth

Teeth fracture for various reasons, such as an impact or blow or chewing on something hard. In many cases, composite white tooth fillings in Campbelltown can repair the fracture and restore aesthetics and functionality.

Structural Aid

Damage to a tooth can jeopardise its integrity. If a tooth is missing much of its structure, a tooth filling adds support and provides visual uniformity. 

Small Holes

In some cases, patients have small holes in their teeth that may not be cavities. It’s best our Campbelltown dentist fills these holes to prevent bacteria and food debris from accumulating and leading to tooth decay.

Discoloured Teeth

A single discoloured tooth can mar a smile and make you feel self-conscious. Our Campbelltown dentist can apply a thin composite filling matched to the surrounding teeth to cover the tooth and restore your smile and confidence.

Replace a Filling

Mercury-free dental fillings in Campbelltown are an excellent choice to replace old, unsightly metal amalgam fillings. 

Tooth Fillings Campbelltown
Campbelltown Tooth Fillings

Tooth Fillings – The Procedure

  1. Local anaesthesia is administered to numb the area
  2. The tooth is isolated using a rubber dam to keep out moisture
  3. The decay is removed by the dentist, and then the cavity is washed and dried
  4. Composite material is layered into the cavity, with each layer hardened with a high-intensity light
  5. Our Campbelltown dentist then moulds and shapes the tooth filling to fit in with the bite
  6. The filling is then polished to resemble a natural tooth


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How Long Do Fillings Last?

Composite fillings have the potential to last up to seven years, depending on their location in the mouth, dietary and oral habits, and whether you habitually grind your teeth. If you need more information about how white tooth fillings at our Campbelltown clinic can enhance your smile, please make an appointment with our experienced dentists.

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