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Dr Shaun

Dr Shaun Lajevardi was raised in Southern California, and spent his summers living with his uncle in Lyon, France,  learning about the local wine culture and food etiquette.

He graduated from the University of Sydney, one of the oldest and most well-respected universities in Australia. He did his PhD candidacy in Neurosciences, Motor Neuron Disease, Physiology of the Hypothalamus and Neural Connections in the Brain. He is a lifelong learner and strives every day to learn new things. He spent over 10 years as a postgraduate student doing research and honing in on the intricacies of the science and art of Dentistry. He learned techniques from the four corners of the world, from giants of Implant Dentistry such as Dr Edward Pat Allen, Dr Patrick Henry, Dr Per-Ingvar Bronemark, Dr Carl Misch, Dr Dennis Tarnow, Dr Patrick Palacci and many more. He is a member of the International College of Implantology (ICOI), Australian Society of Periodontology (ASP), Australian Osseointegration Society (AOS), Osteology Foundation, International Team for Implantology (ITI), International Association of Piezo-electric bone surgery.

Along with the Team at Available Dental Care, Dr Shaun provides high-value care to the community and receives amazing patient feedback,  from people of all ages and from all walks of life. He interacts with anxious patients on a daily basis and gets a kick from making positive changes in people’s lives. In his own words, the part of his work that gives him the most satisfaction is “When our anxious patients walk out with a huge smile on their faces, or when I hear patients raving about our treatment being comfortable, quick and convenient, or when they describe our team as working harmoniously together as a family. We love to treat our patients as if they were our own family! This gives us the motivation to get up every morning and help make the world a better place, one new smile at a time.” 

Dr Shaun finds that the most enjoyable cases are the most challenging and technically difficult ones! Although he won’t mind performing simple procedures like a single tooth implant or a straightforward Digital Smile Design (really a child’s play), he very much enjoys more fun-to-do cases such as Full-Arch Rehabilitations with severe tooth wear, making plans for severely atrophic jawbones, or making aesthetically beautiful while perfectly functional composite veneers for stained or cracked teeth.  

Dr Shaun is honoured to be a part of the Doctors and Dentists Assisting in Solomon Islands (DAISI) Charity Organisation. He finds that getting the opportunity to use his knowledge and skills in treating the most disadvantaged communities, is in many ways very rewarding. 

As a dental student, he volunteered for St John’s Ambulance Australia, is fully trained as an Advanced Life-Support Provider, and holds a Cert III in Health Services. 

In his own words, Dr Shaun’s passion is “Educating my patients to take charge of their own oral health; I enjoy all facets of Dentistry as I am a true Clinician at heart, and love to diagnose difficult or mysterious cases and get to the root cause of dental health issues. My motto is ‘remove the cause and the problem automatically goes away’. Actually, a day filled with surgical procedures such as dental implants or impacted wisdom teeth is my best day, as I don’t feel I’ve worked, it’s kind of like a hobby!” 

Outside of clinic hours, his primary hobby is -no surprise here- Dentistry! joining dental webinars, watching new procedures on the CEREC doctors portal, reading a multitude of magazines and journal articles to stay up-to-date, along with treatment planning for Implant surgeries or helping colleagues solve difficult cases, sometimes bouncing ideas back from them.
Dr Shaun loves spending time with his family, his lovely wife (a Periodontist, whom he met in the RACDS primaries) and their two beautiful daughters, Sophia and Ariana. He is exercising at the gym at 6 am daily, and also enjoys swimming, skiing, tennis and travelling.

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