A radiant smile is often the hallmark of confidence, health, and well-being. However, achieving that perfect smile sometimes requires more than regular dental check-ups. For many, full mouth dental implants offer a transformative solution, providing aesthetic enhancement and functional restoration. Delving into the realm of full mouth dental implants, understanding the cost becomes pivotal, especially considering the vast spectrum of available options. This guide aims to shed light on the intricate details of the cost for full mouth dental implants and their worth in the broader spectrum of dental health.

The Basics of Dental Implants

Dental implants are more than just cosmetic enhancements; they are the modern solution to missing teeth. Implants offer a beacon of hope for anyone who’s lost a tooth, whether due to injury, decay, or other dental issues. Unlike the temporary solutions of yesteryears, these permanent fixtures bring both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Cost-for-Full-Mouth-Implants-campbelltownFrom Ancient Solutions to Modern Marvels

The concept of replacing missing teeth is a familiar one. Ancient civilisations, from the Egyptians to the Mayans, often sought solutions for lost teeth using various materials, from wood to gold. It’s intriguing how these ancient peoples, without today’s technological advancements, tried to restore their smiles. But, the 20th century’s introduction of titanium-based implants revolutionised the field. Dental implants in Australia and worldwide have become synonymous with quality, durability, and natural feel.

The Core Components of Dental Implants

Breaking it down, a dental implant typically consists of three parts:

The Implant:

This screw-like structure is often made of titanium, embedded into the jawbone, acting as the new tooth root. Its biocompatibility means it naturally fuses with the bone over time—a process called osseointegration.

The Abutment:

This component connects the implant to the replacement tooth. It’s vital to ensure the crown sits securely on the implant.

The Crown:

The visible part of the tooth, the crown, is tailored to match the natural teeth in colour and shape. It’s the component that restores the smile’s aesthetics, ensuring that the dental implant seamlessly blends in.

Implants vs Other Dental Solutions

When assessing the pros and cons of dental implants against other tooth replacement options, several factors come into play:


Bridges and dentures might last a decade if maintained well. However, dental implants, with proper care, can last a lifetime.

Bone Health:

Over time, the absence of a tooth can lead to bone loss in the jaw. Dental implants help preserve bone health as they replicate the function of natural teeth roots.


Dentures require removal and cleaning, and bridges might need adjustments. Dental implants, on the other hand, require the same care as natural teeth—brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups.

Comfort and Functionality:

With dentures, there’s always a risk of slippage. Dental implants, being anchored firmly into the jawbone, eradicate that concern. They allow individuals to eat, speak, and smile with renewed confidence.

The Procedure: What to Expect

While dental implant surgery might sound daunting, advances in technology and procedures have made it a relatively straightforward process. The dental implant procedure usually involves:


This initial stage involves X-rays, dental impressions, and discussions about the best type of implant for the patient’s needs.

Implant Placement:

Under local anaesthesia, the dentist places the titanium implant into the jawbone.


This healing phase can take several months. During this time, the bone grows around the implant, securing it in place.

Abutment and Crown Placement:

Once the implant is stable, the dentist attaches the abutment and the custom-made crown.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Deciding on full mouth dental implants is a significant undertaking, both from a health perspective and financially. The price spectrum for this procedure can vary considerably. At the heart of this range are multiple variables that can affect the overall mouth dental implants cost. Gaining a deep understanding of these factors ensures that individuals are better equipped when considering their dental implant journey.

Materials Matter

The decision of materials plays a crucial role in the overall cost of dental implants. Typically, there are two primary materials used for the implant post:

Titanium: Renowned for its strength and biocompatibility, titanium is often the go-to choice. Its ability to fuse seamlessly with the bone ensures the longevity of the implant. However, the high-grade titanium used in dental procedures can influence the cost.

Zirconia: A newer entrant in dental implants, zirconia boasts of being metal-free, which is a plus for individuals concerned about metal allergies or sensitivities. Its natural tooth-like colour can be an aesthetic advantage, but it might come with a heftier price than titanium.

Number of Implants and the Type of Prosthesis

Not all full mouth dental implant procedures are the same. Some techniques require a dental implant for every missing tooth, while others might use just four dental implants to anchor the full arch of teeth:

Individual Implants: Replacing each tooth individually can be the most expensive option due to the number of implants needed and the extensive work involved.

Full Arch Solutions: This technique uses only four dental implants to support a full set of teeth. It can be a more affordable solution, especially if bone grafting isn’t required.

Prosthesis Material: The choice between acrylic, porcelain, or hybrid materials for prosthetic teeth can also significantly affect the implant cost.

Cost for Full Mouth Dental Implants illustration campbelltownGeographical Variances: From Coast to Coast

The location of the dental clinic can considerably influence the cost of full mouth dental implants. Urban areas, especially major cities like Sydney and Melbourne, might have higher clinic operational costs, reflected in their charges. In contrast, smaller towns or rural areas might offer more competitive rates, though the expertise and technology available could differ.

Expertise and Reputation of the Dentist

As with many services, you pay for more than just the raw materials or the procedure itself. The dental expert’s skill, expertise, and reputation can play a primary role in the mouth dental implant costs. A highly experienced dentist with a track record of successful implant surgeries might charge a premium for their services. However, knowing you’re in expert hands, this cost often translates to peace of mind.

Dental Laboratory and Customisation Charges

Behind the scenes, dental laboratories play a pivotal role. These facilities craft the prosthetic teeth, and their charges are integral to the cost of full mouth dental implants. High-end labs, which offer advanced customisation options ensuring that the prosthetic teeth closely match the patient’s natural replacement teeth in shape, colour, and fit, might have steeper charges.

Additional Procedures: Beyond the Basics

Some patients might require additional procedures before they’re deemed suitable for implants. These can include:

Bone Grafting: If a patient’s jawbone isn’t thick enough or is too soft, bone grafting might be necessary, adding to the dental implant procedure cost.

Sinus Lift: Sometimes, especially for implants in the upper jaw, a sinus lift might be required to create space.

Tooth Extractions: If some natural teeth are still present but are damaged or decayed, they might need extraction before implant placement.

Cost Breakdown for Full Mouth Dental Implants in Australia

Embarking on the transformative journey towards full mouth dental implants requires clarity, especially financially. In Australia, the costs for such procedures can vary widely depending on various factors. To make an informed decision, one must understand the detailed breakdown of potential expenses. Here’s a comprehensive insight into what you expect to pay in Australia.

Material Costs: The Building Blocks of Your New Smile

Materials play a key role in determining the final cost:

Implant Post Material:

  • Titanium: As a trusted material, titanium implants usually cost AUD 2,000 per implant.
  • Zirconia: Being a newer and metal-free option, zirconia might be slightly pricier, ranging from AUD 2,500 per implant.

Prosthetic Material:

  • Acrylic: A more affordable option, acrylic prosthetics typically cost AUD 1,000 per tooth.
  • Porcelain: Offering a lifelike appearance, porcelain prosthetics can range from AUD 1,500 per tooth.

Procedure Complexity

The intricacies of the surgical procedure itself contribute to the overall price:

  1. Consultation Fees: Initial assessments, which could encompass X-rays or 3D scans, usually cost AUD 100, depending on the depth of examination.
  2. Surgical Placement: The foundational procedure, the implant’s placement, can range from AUD 2,000 to AUD 6,000 per implant, based on complexity.
  3. Additional Procedures:
  • Bone Grafting: You can add anywhere from AUD 500 to the overall costs if required.
  • Sinus Lift: Typically, a sinus lift might cost AUD 1,500.
  • Tooth Extractions: Depending on the tooth’s position and condition, extractions can range from AUD 250 per tooth.

Location and Expertise

The clinic’s location and the dentist’s expertise often influence the costs:

  1. Geographical Variance: In bustling metropolitan areas like Sydney or Melbourne, full mouth dental implants cost 10-20 % more than in smaller cities or towns due to operational and overhead expenses.
  2. Dentists’s Expertise: A highly reputed dentist might charge a premium of 20-30 % more than a less-experienced counterpart. However, their expertise often ensures a high success rate and a seamless experience.

In summary, considering all factors, while the cost for full mouth dental implants in Australia varies, a patient may expect to pay anywhere from AUD 15,000 for a full set. It’s always advisable to seek multiple quotations and thoroughly research your chosen clinic and dentist to ensure a successful outcome for your investment.

Why Full Mouth Dental Implants Might be Worth the Cost



While the financial commitment for full mouth dental implants might initially seem substantial, especially in the Australian context, it’s paramount to consider the myriad benefits and long-term value they bring. Beyond the obvious aesthetic appeal, dental implants offer profound advantages that often make them worth the investment.

Longevity and Durability

Dental implants are designed to last, unlike dentures or bridges, which might require periodic adjustments or replacements. Constructed from biocompatible materials like titanium, they fuse with the jawbone, providing a solid foundation. With proper upkeep, dental implants can last a lifetime, making them a one-time investment in many cases. Over the years, dental implants often prove more cost-effective when you account for the replacements and adjustments other dental solutions might require.

Restored Functionality

One of the most compelling advantages of full mouth dental implants is restoring natural mouth function. Dental implants bring back the joy of unhindered oral functionality, whether enjoying your favourite foods without restriction, speaking without impediments, or laughing without self-consciousness. The comfort of knowing you won’t experience slippages, as you might with dentures, is truly liberating.

Bone Health Preservation

When teeth are lost, the jawbone can deteriorate over time due to lack of stimulation. This affects oral health and can alter the facial structure, leading to a prematurely aged appearance. Dental implants act like natural tooth roots, stimulating the bone and preventing deterioration. This preservation of bone health is a long-term benefit that’s often overlooked but is crucial for overall well-being and appearance.

Boosted Self-Esteem and Quality of Life

Beyond the physical benefits, full mouth dental implants’ psychological and emotional boost is immeasurable. A complete, radiant smile can uplift one’s self-esteem, enhance social interactions, and improve overall quality of life. The confidence of knowing your smile looks natural and that you can go about daily activities without dental worries is truly invaluable.

Fewer Dietary Restrictions

Unlike certain dental solutions with a list of foods to avoid, dental implants allow individuals to enjoy a varied diet. There are no limitations, from biting into a crisp apple to enjoying a steak. This contributes to a better quality of life and ensures one can maintain a balanced, nutritious diet without compromises.

Predictability and Success Rate

Modern dental implant procedures boast a high success rate, with many studies indicating success percentages in the high nineties. The predictability of the procedure, combined with the long-term success of dental implants, offers peace of mind to patients. This reliability justifies the initial financial outlay.

Financing and Payment Plans: Making it Affordable

For those daunted by the mouth dental implant cost:

Cost for Full Mouth Dental Implants procedure campbelltown

  1. Dental Insurance: Understand what’s covered.
  2. In-office Payment Plans: Some dental offices offer plans to ease the burden.
  3. Third-party Financing Options: This is worth considering for spreading the dental implants cost.
  4. Cost-saving Tips: Opting for a single tooth implant in a less visible area or choosing a different type of implant.


The cost for full mouth dental implants is an investment in oneself. Beyond the aesthetics, the benefits of a functional, complete set of teeth can’t be overstated. As you contemplate this decision, weigh the costs with the benefits. The journey towards attaining a radiant and functional smile with full mouth dental implants is about restoring teeth and rejuvenating one’s confidence and quality of life. While the financial considerations are undoubtedly significant, Australia’s myriad financing options and plans make this transformative procedure within reach for many.

At Available Dental Care, we understand the importance of this decision and are here to guide you every step of the way. If you’re contemplating dental implants or seeking clarity on the procedure and costs, don’t hesitate. Contact our team of experts today at (02) 4601 3828 and take the first step towards a brighter, more confident smile. Your journey to renewed oral health is just a call away.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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